Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Bryant Park: A Different Point of View

For the past few months, I've been slogging through the sloppy first draft of my latest novel. For some writers this translates into unbridled abandon, chasing their characters along any path that strikes their fancy. Not for me. When I say slog, I mean slog. My current work in progress is so muddy, that there are some days I really doubt this mess will ever come together to form a cohesive narrative with a beating heart. Some days it's actually easier to wash the floor, wash the laundry AND wash the dog then to deal with my WIP mess. But when my husband asked me if I'd like to tag along to the city (the city in my case being New York City) while he went to a business conference, I jumped at the chance.

So here's a picture of my office today. This is Bryant Park. The park, buttressed by the grand dame of all libraries, the main branch of the NY Public Library system, on one end, is a slice of Paris. At the center of the park is a large grassy green. There is a gushing fountain, kiosks selling coffee and snacks, an antique carousel and even a petanque court. This morning, I took my croissant and hot chocolate (purchased at Le Pan Quotidiane cafe across the street) and settled into one of the green chairs ringing the green. Here's a picture of my favorite corner of the park. It's close to the carousel and the children's reading corner sponsored by Scholastic. I sat for a sweet two hours hacking away mercilessly at my WIP. While I can't say my prose were particularly inspired more today then any other day, I feel like a change of venue helped to push me forward a few more pages.

So how about it? What might happen to your writing if you change your point of view?

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